Nextcloud is a cool software that you can use to host your very own cloud. It supports Files, Calendar, Contacts and more. It is based around a core now called “Nextcloud Hub”, if you don’t know Nextcloud yet definitely check it out. News is a plugin for Nextcloud that allows you to host your own RSS/Atom reader, including an API for clients. As a big fan of reading news via RSS/Atom I have been a user of News for many years. In 2019 I started to get more active and started to contribute to News. The main reason was that I wanted to keep the application alive and the previous developers and maintainers had moved on to new projects.

In March 2019 I took over the role of the maintainer and holder of the signature key, responsible for the publishing of News. Since then I learned a lot about Nextcloud and News, learned about project management and also a bit developing. In the core team we started with two people and rarely contributions from outside, since then the situation has changed we receive regular contributions and the core team increased to three with some helpers on top.

There are still big issues in the code especially the frontend which is really outdated at this point but the app is making slowly progress.

We are also very active in automating as much as possible with GitHub Actions.